the Garden of Eden Divorce of Asherah and Yahweh

"Yahweh’s Divorce from the Goddess Asherah in the Garden of Eden"
Was the Garden of Eden story created to dishonor and defame Asherah?

The Garden of Eden story is a recycling of standard  Mesopotamian myths. 

It is no accident that the narrative includes a sacred Tree of Life (one of Asherah’s attributes) and a serpent (another one of Asherah’s attributes).

 By deliberately interweaving Asherah representations into the Garden of Eden story, the authors were able to successfully defame Eve/Asherah – the Feminine component of religious worship.  

Author Arthur George presents addresses this further in “Yahweh’s Divorce from the Goddess Asherah in the Garden of Eden."

Asherah as “the Great Goddess of the Aegean"


Dating to ~1400-1300 BCE, this elegant ivory carving was discovered at Minet el-Beida. 

It is an Asiatic stylistic adaption of Creto-Mycenaean configurations, depicting Asherah as the “Great Goddess of the Aegean.”

Asherah’s other epithets displayed on this composition include “Holiness,” “the Goddess,” “Goddess of Animals,” “Mother Goddess” and “Vital Force of Nature.”
-History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

Rational Faiths: Biblical Illusions to Asherah

“Taken together, all this evidence suggests that the title ruach Elohim/Yahweh is a symbolic name that underscores the goddess’ indissoluble relationship to the Israelite chief male deity and her life-giving qualities.

She is, as it were, God’s breath, something he could not live without.” 

Asherah Reclaims Her History

Asherah Reclaims Her History

Asherah as Goddess of Animals & Queen of Heaven

3b.4b Gold Pendant Asherah

~ Asherah as Goddess of Animals & Queen of Heaven ~

Standing upon her signature lion, the goddess Asherah is depicted on this gold pendant as the ‘Goddess/Mistress of Animals’ and the 
‘Queen of Heaven.’

The lion, elevated ibexes and snakes (which cross behind her waist) are frequent attributes of Asherah as the ‘Goddess/Mistress of Animals.’ The pendant's starry, astral background is a reference to Asherah’s aspect as the ‘Queen of Heaven.’ 

Dating to ~1450-1365 BCE, this gold pendant was discovered in the tomb of a princess in the ancient port city of Minet el-Beida.
-History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

Monotheism or Downsizing?


Was Asherah’s God’s Wife?

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Was Asherah god's wife?
Yes, the a
rchaeological evidence reveals ancient Israel worshipped goddesses and the goddessAsherah was Yahweh's primary wife. 

Although a disturbing and blasphemous notion to some, the archaeological and historical evidence indicates that Asherah was actually but one of Yahweh’s wives:

“Not only does Yahweh have a consort[/wife], but he's got one every town.” -The Goddess in the Hebrew Bible

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