Double-Throne Shrine of Asherah/God the Mother & God the Father?

Asherah dble throne

Dating to the Iron Age, ~1000-850 BCE, experts believe this model temple shrine may have come from biblical Moab.

Embellished with epiphanies of the Mother Goddess Asherah - the frontal tree-like asherah pillars, the guardian lions and the dove at the shrine’s apex - this temple model shrine is consecrated to the worship of Asherah/God the Mother.

Depicted within the inner sanctuary of this temple shrine, the double-throne attests to the worship of another deity at Asherah’s side.
The companion deity may likely have been God the Father.
This being the case, what happened to God the Mother?

4b.5 Ash Dble Throned Temple Model

According to 
Biblical Archaeology Review, there is no longer any doubt of  a Goddess worshipped alongside God: “Indeed, worship of the Mother God in conjunction with the Father God can be demonstrated to have occurred within ancient Israel. Both the Bible and archaeology confirm this.

 Further explaining the loss of the divine feminine, the Biblical Archaeology Review continues: “So it isn’t that the Mother God was absent from their worship. Rather she was consciously eradicated from worship by the religious authorities.”
-History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

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