Holy Trinity Stela Venerating Asherah/Qedesh* 

Asherah/Qedesh* is depicted as the central figure on this Holy Trinity Egyptian stela dating to ~1304-1237 BCE. 

Inscriptions identify the goddess and enumerate her epithets as "Queen of Heaven," "Mistress of All the Gods," "Eye of Ra" and "Without Her Equal.

In the upper register, Asherah/Qedesh* stands naked upon her trademark lion, holding lotus flowers and a snake/serpent. She is crowned with a crescent-moon, an abacus and a solar disk. 

Asherah/Qedesh* is flanked by gods - the erect** Egyptian god Min (left) and the Syro-Palestinian god Reshep.
Two worshippers kneel with offerings and upraised hands of adoration on the bottom register.

* The Egyptian hieroglyphics: kšt, kdš, kdst and kdšt, which identifies the goddess in this iconography, have been translated as Qdš, Qdšt, Qudsh, Qudšu, Qadesh, Qadishtu, Qadosh, Qedesh, Qedeshet, Qetesh, Qodesh, Quatesh, Qudsha, Qudshu, Kadesh, Ke(d)eshet, Kenet and as an epithet of Asherah.
** Some representations of this stela do not include this portion of Min's anatomy. 

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