In a Chariot Drawn by Lions

Chariot Drawn by Lions 251

-Wisdom/Asherah and other Vanquished Wisdom Goddesses-

The eradication of Asherah and other Wisdom Goddesses of antiquity is chronicled in In a Chariot Drawn by Lions. Asphodel P. Long, meticulously researches and documents, the vestiges of a female deity hidden in revisionist history.

Beginning with the personification of Wisdom/Asherah in Ancient Israel and the Book of Solomon, Long unravels a thread of submerged history traveling through Greece, Egypt and the Ancient Near East. 

Ultimately subjugated and remolded, Asherah and the Near Eastern Wisdom Goddesses eventually resurface as God the Mother/the Mother of God/the Shekinah. 
-History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

[See Asherah/Cybele depicted in a chariot drawn by lions on a Freemason graphic at Asherah Resource 5] 

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