7  Pairings of Yahweh & “his Asherah” in Hebrew Blessing Inscriptions

- Yahweh and “his Asherah” (7 times) -

The Goddess Asherah is paired with the Hebrew God Yahweh 7 times in 4 dedicatory, Hebrew blessing inscriptions discovered at Kuntillet Ajrud and Khirbet el-Qom.

- Khirbet el-Qom -
The first Hebrew inscription pairing Yahweh and “his Asherah” was discovered in1967 at Khirbet el-Qom and
pairs the two deities together three times:

 “Uryahu the wealthy man had it written: 
Blessed be Uryahu
by Yahweh and by his asherah;
from his enemies he saved him!
(written) by Onyahu 
. . . and by his asherah 
 . . . (and by) his (ashe)r(ah)”.

- Kuntillet Ajrud -
Additional Hebrew blessing inscriptions, pairing Yahweh with “his Asherah,” were discovered at Kuntillet Ajrud, an Israelite-Judean way-station in the Sinai desert, with an attached shrine.

Discovered during excavations in 1975-76, three dedicatory, Hebrew inscriptions pair  the Hebrew God Yahweh with the Goddess “his Asherah" four times:

(1)  “I have blessed you by Yahweh of Samaria and his Asherah”
(2)  “I bless you by Yahweh of Teman and by his Asherah” and 
(3)  “. . . give YHWH of Teman and his ASHERAH. . .
YHWH of Teman and his ASHERAH . . .”.  


Although discovered decades ago, these inscriptions remain unknown to many.

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