Asherah and the Cult of Yahweh in Israel 

As archeology and ancient texts provide a more accurate history, we learn Asherah is Eve.

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According to Asherah and the Cult of Yahweh in Israel author Saul M. Olyan, Eve is an “attested epithet” of Asherah’s during the first millennium BCE.* 

Extrapolating further upon the Eve-Asherah identification, Olyan suggests Asherah’s historical serpent association references a previous myth embedded within the Adam and Eve/Garden of Eden narrative: “One suspects that an early myth associating the serpent/sea dragon and Asherah has been lost. Perhaps a reflex of this myth is preserved in the Eden story in Genesis.”
*additionally, the goddesses Asherah and Eve are both analogous to the goddess Tanit/Tannit.

Olyan was writing for the Monograph Series by the Society of Biblical Literature. It was published by Scholars Press in 1988 and reviewed in the Journal of the American Oriental Society in 1990. This pedigree, along with other biblical scholars, pretty much establishes it as fact until some contradictory data surfaces some time in the future. 
-History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

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