Asherah Worship = Yahweh Worship

The worship of Asherah "came to be regarded as much a feature of popular religion in ancient Israel and Judah as the worship of Yahweh.” 
-Biblical Archaeology Review 


Kuntillet Ajrud Hebrew blessing inscriptions     ~830-760 BCE:     

        (1)   “I have blessed you by Yahweh of Samaria and his Asherah.”
        (2)  “…give YWHW of Teman and his ASHERAH…Yhwh of Teman and his Asherah.” 
        (3)   “I bless you by Yahweh of Teman and by his Asherah.”

Hebrew Seal of Asherah & Yahweh     ~720-600 BCE

Gaza Coin of Asherah & Yahweh     ~538-323 BCE

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